The Last Stand 2

The Last Stand 2 – This is the sequel to the survival shoot-em-up The Last Stand. In this version, you’re stranded inside a small town, and the zombies are at the gates. You must hold them off at night, while you can search the town during the day, for supplies ...

/* 486x60, Above The Fold, under-link */

13 Days in Hell

13 Days in Hell is a harrowing journey to a first person, 3-D underworld, manned by butchers and wife beaters. Head shots yield extra damage, and often one hit kills, but don’t take too long aiming, as these butchers are out for meat. 13 Days in Hell Game Instructions: ...

Divine Intervention

Divine Intervention is an exceptionally gory, side scrolling shooter, with you wandering the mean streets, which are populated by freakish devil children, and strewn with bloodied and mutilated corpses. Divine Intervention is classic shooter gameplay hit upside the head with the gore stick. Divine Intervention Game Instructions: ...

/* 486x60, Above The Fold, under-link */

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