Pop Pirates

Pop Pirates is an overhead 2-D shooter, with bright and crisp graphics. The control is spot on, and the gameplay simple and enjoyable fun. Your mission is to destroy the viruses infesting your computer, and collect the KB they drop after being ‘deleted’. Additional powerups can be picked up to ...

/* 486x60, Above The Fold, under-link */


Sonny is a fun little RPG, that gives you full customization over your character’s class, equipment, items, and abilities. The story is played out with some decent voice acting before battles, and the combat system is a unique variation on the standard turn-based systems seen in many RPG’s. The lack ...

Goliath The Soothsayer

This is a truly awesome game that takes time to load, but it's worth waiting! Goliath the Soothsayer is a beautiful and haunting point and click adventure, with an interesting story and gorgeous backdrops. You’re locked in an attic, seemingly with no way out. By carefully piecing together clues and ...

/* 486x60, Above The Fold, under-link */

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